Japanese economical situation has seriously been put on hardship recentry among international countries,thereby,all the enterprises are being asked their own policy and or true merit.
The new technology waves to scientific industrial field and requires progressing existent minute by minute,otherwords,existent will easily be changed to old-past one.
Above the circumstances,fortunately however,I have obtained the remarkable honor prizes and I come to grips wity development goods. of the original with the late chairman.
I beliebe that these honorable ebaluation should be made for my life work based on the policy;try something new against unknown,none-market and none-naunufacturing.I had paid the best effort untill the target come up since 1962.
Now,we,Kansai Corporation have been wellknown in the field of Rice-Husk utilization as Japanese No.1 or world top level.
Although we are small enterprise,we could maintain good growth the company with the policy of Try Own Best.
I will continue the top management resulting the policy mentioned avobe and develop thchnology to realize products based upon Rice Husk Utilization.
I sincerely wish all of you to support and cooperate with us,thank you.

President H.Kojima