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63 years of rice husk technology research have successfully made by our Kansai Corporation. One is the ARHC(Automated Rice Husk Carbonizer) System that we shall say, "first manufactured in the world". With this, our company has honored by the government of Japan under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF). Our company has been continuously improved the ARHC System to facilitate betterment of the people's environment and the world.

Establishment December 26, 1941
Paid-in Capital 50,000,000yen
200,000,000yen   (Authorized Capital)
President Hiroaki Kojima
Line of Business manufacturer of specialized antipollution equipment, energy saving product and own developped system for Carbonizer and furnace Main
Customers All the Agricultural Cooperatives Government and municipal offices
EBARA Corporation
Main Bank ・Resona Bank LTd,Hikone Branch
・The Ogaki kyoritsu Bank,Hikone Branch
・The Credit Federation of Shiga Prefectural Agricultural Cooperatives
Head Office 1666, Minamikawasecho Hikone City,
Shiga 522-0222 JAPAN
TEL +81-749-25-1111
FAX +81-749-25-1115