Brief history of KANSAI
1941 Started Oil manufacturing of silk worm
1947 Stared Oil manufacturing of soybean Started Oil manufacturing of imported materials like Palm tree, linseed and peanut.
Started Soap manufacturing Established the development office
1967 Stopped oil manufacturing 
Developed the Automated rice husk carbonizer (Beginning of all over the world)
1968 Concluded the contract with Agriculture corporative association as a belonging exclusively company
1970 Developed sewage treatment plant. Delivered incinerator plant.
1975 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO) visit KANSAI for the study of rice husk treatment.
(Afterward they visit KANSAI 4times)
1977 Delivered seedling bed-soil production plant. Developed heating system of plastic greenhouse by using of carbonizing heat.
Installed Waterweed mowing ship named "KAITSUBURI No1" into Shiga Prefecture (beginning of the world)
1978 The United State Department of Agriculture visits KANSAI for the study of rice husk treatment.
1981 Delivered the Bio-tan (Rice husk carbon) as Oil Absorbent
1982 Started the Greening Desert Project.
1984 Developed the "Gas-Generation Plant"
1986 Developed the "Continuous Gas Evolution Equipment of Rice husk"
1989 Developed the "Seedling Bed Soil Production utilizing carbonized heat of rice husk plant
1993 Developed Gasification power generation plant
1994 Installed Gasification power generation plant as the ODA export.
1995 Developed Automated woody biomass carbonizer.
2000 Installed the Automated Spent grain of beer Carbonizer.
2002 Installed the technology of the treatment of west water of beer factory in Vietnam to NEDO